As with all hot tubs, there is a cost involved to run. However, at H20 Hot Tubs Ireland we have added lots of clever little tricks to our hot tubs to keep running costs down. This includes a dedicated circulation pump that runs a lower ampage than a main jet pump on low speed. Our spas also come with a 100mm insulated top cover, insulated cabinet and insulated floor and acrylic shell.

Without getting too technical, it’s difficult to quantify exactly how much of an impact a hot tub will have on your electricity bills.

That’s because its energy consumption depends on so many variables, including:

  • the size and model of your hot tub
  • the ambient temperature outside
  • how often you use your hot tub
  • how long you use it for each time
  • how much of that time is with the jets on
  • the water temperature that you prefer,
  • and your electricity tariff

When purchasing a hot tub from H2o Hot Tubs Ireland we can discuss the best way to keep your running costs down while still being able to enjoy your new hot tub to the fullest.