Single Filter - H2o Hot Tubs Ireland
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Single Filter


We advise this to be done at least once a year to keep your warranty valid. Very similar to a car, you should get your hot tub serviced annually.

The full hot tub service includes a chemical flush which is run through the system for 10-15mins, stripping out bacteria and build-up of scale or scum in the pipework and heater. The hot tub is then fully drained and cleaned inside and out, including a UV treatment applied to the cover. The spa is then refilled, water rebalanced with customers chemicals. Within the price we will include a new set of filters (for H2O hot tubs). We then perform a 19 point check on the hot tub, covering all major parts.

  • Pipe work flush (requires spa up to temperature)
  • Drain down
  • Full internal clean
  • Full external clean
  • UV cover treatment applied
  • Fresh water refill
  • Chemical rebalance
  • Change of filters (H2O hot tubs only)
  • Pump check
  • Blower check
  • Pipe and union check
  • 19 point check sheet