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The Devonish


A recent addition to our fantastic range of twin pump hot tubs is this, The Devonish. Quality over quantity.

Installed with aluminium frame and 46 hydrotherapy jets.

Suitable for 5 people

Hot Tub Details

  • BALBOA Control System
  • Premium Acrylic
  • 46 Hydrotherapy Jets
  • Dedicated Circulation Pump
  • Bluetooth audio
  • LED Mood lighting
  • 32 AMP Power Supply
  • LED Cup holders
  • Suitable for 5 people



This product is currently available to order, get in touch with us for more info!

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Product Highlights

Product Highlights

BALBOA Control System

The Devonish comes with the award-winning Balboa Controls system, meaning this hot tub is extremely easy to use, even for a hot tub novice! With leading edge design and state-of-the-art build quality, the Balboa system should last a lifetime, and the panel utilises a patented Piezo electronic switch which eliminates moisture in harsh environments, offering reliability that is second to none.

Comfort Lounge Seat

Lay back and look up at the stars in the Devonish  non float lounger seat. Our lounger is designed to hold your body firmly to the acrylic shell, giving you a perfect hydro massage. For your technical buyers the lounger can comfortably fit users up to 6’3.

Powerful Hydromassage

This hot tub features 46 hydrotherapy massage jets, giving you the powerful massage you need after a stressful day.

LED Mood Light

The Devonish is installed with the latest LED mood lighting, no matter what your mood there is a setting for it. With up to 10 different sequences from strobe to fade you will love the flexibility this feature.

LED Cup Holders

Take full advantage of our new LED cup holders, we advise you use transparent plastic glasses. Place one on the cup holder and watch your favourite drink light up and come to life. Making your time in the Hot Tub more or a party like experience

MP3 Audio System

The Devonish Hot tub maybe affordable but we have still managed to squeeze in a Bluetooth music system. You will be blown away by the quality of these little speakers, connection directly via bluetooth from Iphone/Ipad/Android.

Clear Water System

This hot tub is equipped with a state of the art no-bypass filtration system and an ozone disinfection system. Better filtration means more joy and longer product life.

Dedicated Circulation Pump

The Devonish is equipped with a deciated circulation pump which keeps energy bills low. A smaller pump is used to circulate the water through the filter while the powerful massage pump is only active when you need it.

Built to Last

Most spas are installed outside. This H2O hot tub features our latest Aluminium frame and a wood composite cabinet which is weather tight and maintenance free, providing your spa with a new look all year round.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

  • Seating Capacity > 5 persons
  • Lounge Seats > 2
  • Dimensions > 2000 x 2000 x 890 mm (Length x Width x Height)
  • Water Capacity > 1400 litres
  • Weight >280 kg dry, 1680kg filled
  • Total Number of Jets > 46
  • Jet Pump >2 x 2 HP
  • Circulation Pump> Yes
  • Air valves >3 with LED
  • Filter System >50 sq. ft./4.6 m² effective filtration area
  • Control System >BALBOA®
  • Lighting > LED underwater light, LED waterline lights, LED valve lights
  • Ozone System >yes
  • Heater >3 kW
  • Pillows >3
  • Structural Frame >Aluminium
  • Skirting >Durable transfer printed all-round
  • Shell Insulation >High density foam
  • Base >Half sandwich PVC floor
  • Cover Insulation >70 mm