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Here at H2O Hot Tubs Ireland, we provide a full delivery and installation service to our customers right across Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

When you buy your hot tub from H2O Hot Tubs Ireland, we help you every step of the way to ensure you not only get the right spa for you, but also that you can position it in the area that you desire within your property!

We are extremely flexible with our delivery & installation service. Choose from delivery only or full delivery and installation service. We’ll advise you on the required electrics/plumbing for your hot tubs.

If you have the required set up complete by our arranged installation date, we can have your hot tub up and running the very same day.

By following our simple delivery and installation guide, you will be able to easily check everything is in order, from access to electricity supply!

Delivery Requirements

As part of your hot tub ownership, it is important that you ensure the following is in place in order for us to deliver your hot tub safely and efficiently. 

If we will be going down the side of your house we will need to have a straight run in and out at both ends with no sharp turns. The kart the delivery team use is 3.65m in length at full adjustment. So for large spas this will be at full adjustment as the wheels sit in front and behind the spa, so its not just the spa length that needs to be taken into consideration.

If you do not have access as required to get it down the side of your house, take a look at your neighbours access. In a lot of cases, we can go through their garden and access yours by simply removing a fence panel. This can be done easily without causing any damage to your neighbours garden or the fence. Please note the gravel board must be removed prior to delivery otherwise we may not be able to carry out delivery for you.

Most of our Hot Tubs are just under 1m deep so ideally we need a metre width to get them down the side of your house or ally. Remember we deliver the spa on its side so the width becomes the height and the height becomes the width. Also you will need to allow an additional 25cm for the trolley and packaging. For example if your spa is 2x2x0.94m the height needed would be 2.25m and the width ideally 1m.

Things To Think About

Electricity meters, gas boxes, eves, guttering (on bungalows), down pipes, soil stacks sticking out of the ground, uneven ground, over head car ports, gazebos, gate posts, fence, gravel board, steps, walls and flower beds.

If in doubt, do not worry, the easiest thing to do is email over some pictures as they can be a helpful tool for our delivery team and determine if the spa will go in or not.

Unfortunately we do not come out and do site surveys so it is up to you to provide us with as much info as possible.

It is important you think about delivery as the last thing you want to do is have to arrange a crane, this can be costly and in some cases impossible. So please make sure you check your access and plan where your Hot Tub is going to go prior to ordering it as you may be limited on what size spa you can have



16amp/32amp supply

IP65 Rotary switch

Electrics In Place

The following information provides you with everything you will need to know. If you need an electrician, this will give them a good indication of what is required and of course, if any further information is needed, you are welcome to get in touch and we will be able to talk you through any requirements.

Depending on which spa you have ordered, you will require either a 13amp plug socket as above or a 16amp/32amp supply.  This should be steel wire armoured cable running to an IP65 Rotary switch, which should be located close to the Hot Tub and no further than 2m away. We recommend a 3-4 metre tail of wire left connected from the rotary switch so our engineers can connect directly to the spa.

We are unable to connect to the rotary isolator switch as this must be done by your electrician.

Let us help find the hot tub for you!

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