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Do You Do Hot Tub Disposal?

At H2O we can offer eco-friendly removal of your old hot tub as part of our delivery & installation service.

When we deliver your new hot tub, our delivery team will take away your old one and dispose of it safely and in an environmentally friendly manner.

We realise if you have just purchased a brand new hot tub, the last thing you need is to have to organise removal of your old one, unlike a standard home appliance, hot tubs are large and difficult to remove, requiring specialist equipment and experienced handling to ensure there is no damage to your garden.

Our professional and experienced team are fully equipped to handle removal of your hot tub quickly and safely.

This service is available for old hot tubs that are able to fit down the side of your property. If you had your old hot tub craned in or there not adequate access around to your garden, please let us know and we will discuss with you how we can help you. 

If you have and existing hot tub and wish to have it removed, we offer hot tub removal and disposal for you. 

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Hot Tub?

As with all hot tubs, there is a cost involved to run. However, at H20 Hot Tubs Ireland we have added lots of clever little tricks to our hot tubs to keep running costs down. This includes a dedicated circulation pump that runs a lower ampage than a main jet pump on low speed. Our spas also come with a 100mm insulated top cover, insulated cabinet and insulated floor and acrylic shell.

Without getting too technical, it’s difficult to quantify exactly how much of an impact a hot tub will have on your electricity bills.

That’s because its energy consumption depends on so many variables, including:

  • the size and model of your hot tub
  • the ambient temperature outside
  • how often you use your hot tub
  • how long you use it for each time
  • how much of that time is with the jets on
  • the water temperature that you prefer,
  • and your electricity tariff

When purchasing a hot tub from H2o Hot Tubs Ireland we can discuss the best way to keep your running costs down while still being able to enjoy your new hot tub to the fullest.

Hot Tub Health Benefits

At H2O Hot Tubs Ireland, we believe a hot tub can provide you with real health benefits. Whether you are fully fit and able, get the occasional aches and pains or suffer with a long term illness, water and hydrotherapy has been believed to help you.

Although hot tubs are perceived to be a luxury item, the physical and mental health benefits may just be the justification you need to treat yourself and invest in one! It’s great for social gatherings and can help you, your friends and family to relax and unwind.

Here are just some of the health benefits of having a hot tub:

Improved Sleep

When your body is cold, your sleeping pattern may be disturbed. If you are warm and comfortable and your body temperature is just right, you will normally fall asleep quicker, and sleep throughout the night with less disruptions.

It is commonly known that getting good quality REM sleep (rapid eye movements) has loads of positive effects… from your mental alertness to your general mood, even the way your body metabolises food! So spend some time in your hot tub before bed, and you’ll have a much better chance of getting a good night’s sleep!

Stress & Anxiety Reduction

In addition to making you feel more relaxed, a number of studies have shown that the magic combination of hot water, a great hydrotherapy massage from powerful jets and the weightlessness feeling of floating in water can significantly reduce your mental AND physical stress… and decrease anxiety!

Arthritis and Chronic Pains

For people who suffer with ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis and various other bodily aches and pains, spending a bit of time in the hot tub will offer some welcome relief.

Thanks to the bubbles from a hot tub’s jets, we get that weightless feeling. Body temperature increases, blood circulation increases, and our muscles relax, which also reduces inflammation in joints.

In this fantastic state, your aching body can experience better flexibility, range of motion and strength. It’s little wonder that so many people get some real, significant benefits from hydrotherapy.


Initial research into the health effects of hot tubs have indicated that a hot tub might actually lower your blood sugar level, especially for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

A USA-based study from the New England Journal Of Medicine, subjects with Type 2 diabetes spend 30 minutes in a hot tub, every day of the week for three weeks. By the end of the three week test, the subjects saw an average drop in their blood glucose levels from 182mg/dl to 159mg/dl.

Basically, the hot water temperatures simulate some of the effects on the body of physical exercise, which has been proved to be an effective form of treatment for sufferes of Type 2 diabetes.

Headache Reduction

If you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines, there aren’t many treatments. This can be really frustrating. There is some evidence, however, that regular dips in a hot tub may help to reduce the frequency of certain types of headaches.

How? Well, some of the most common triggers for headaches are things like tension. Many migraine suffers often report experiencing tension headaches just before they have a migraine. In a hot tub, your muscles are not contracted, and your aches and pains subside. Overall, you feel more relaxed. This therefore decreases the chances of experiencing a tension-triggered migraine!

Other Benefits

Hydrotherapy is a much used word nowadays and a hot tub is the perfect hydrotherapy. The jets of water target specific areas of the body and in our H2O Ireland hot tub range, we have specific neck jets, back jets and leg jets to massage those tense and aching muscles.

Although not fully proven, it is often said that owning your own hot tub and using it regularly can have a long term positive effect. Floatation and hydrotherapy along with the wonderful sensation of heat in a hot tub is believed to help with all forms of pain such as back pain, joint problems, general aches and pains, muscles tenseness

Did you know that the word Spa actually translates from latin to ‘health from water’? Relaxing in a spa has been used for centuries and there are still many natural hot springs around the world were people visit to feel the benefit of hot water. One of the most famous is the blue lagoon in Reykjavik where hundreds of people visit daily to enjoy the heat, even if it’s freezing cold and snowing above the water!

Take a look at our full range of H2O Ireland hot tubs – As well as its health and therapeutic benefits, a hot tub is also great for spending quality time with friends and family!